Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's official! We are moving into the world of adoption and are thrilled and excited for this new adventure our family is embarking on.

PROFILE ID 27686059

We are approved and ready to adopt through LDS Family Services and have a profile viewable on their website. We are choosing to go with LDS family services because of their vast amount of resources they offer to not only families looking to adopt, but more importantly moms and fathers looking to place their children for adoption. LDS family services has impressed us with the fact that they offer counseling to both birth parents (mothers and fathers placing a child for adoption) and their families, along with covering all medical costs and often times basic needs costs incurred by birth-moms. We feel that having the birth moms emotional and physical needs met with out incurring additional worry or stress on an already difficult situation is important, and we have confidence that LDS services can provide that. Any expectant mother looking to place a child for adoption regardless of their religious background can use LDS services as their agency and advocate, and with 62 offices these services are accessible to nearly everyone.

We hope as we spread the word that we are looking to adopt that friends and family will be able to help us spread the word even further increasing our chances of finding that perfect match for our family. With so many couples in the same position as us looking to adopt we want to be as proactive as possible in growing our family through adoption.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call us at 801.709.1326 or scan our QR code. Thanks!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What We Have Been Up-To Recently


Ryan's brother Devin married Tori and they had a beautiful backyard wedding that Jill helped plan and setup.

Jayna and her cousin Brynn spent the whole evening running free and eating as many strawberries as they possibly could.

Strawberry stains on her cream wedding shirt! How could you be mad at that face though. Jill sewed their skirts and made their headbands.

 Maga and Pocky (Ryan's parents) looked so cute and festive.
It was a great day with family and friends.

Jill meet her favorite christian author and speaker this month and he even mailed her a copy of one of his books. Jill was over the moon about the chance meeting and signed book.

 Waterpark season officially began. Jill and Jayna have season passes and go about every other day
to Cowabunga Bay.

Jill took Jayna to the dinosaur museum.

Jayna loved it.

She got to do lots of playing.

After the museum Jayna and Jill got some ice-cream at an old-fashion ice-cream shop.

One Saturday the whole family went up to Olympic Park in Park City to check it out, go through the museum, and get tickets to ride the bobsled when Jills parents come out at the end of July.

Jayna and Jill got to babysit this cute little girl one afternoon. She has the cutest frown in the whole world.

 Jayna got a new camping chair in preparation for our family camping trip.

 Jill dehydrated pineapple to snack on up in the mountains

Jayna got a hold of moms phone it looks like.

Jill had to get some crafts in for camping.

 While Ryan was out of town the girls were getting everything ready for camping which included getting the old truck fixed up. They broke down three times in one day, but made the best out of it even though it meant being stranded at an auto shop all day.

The truck all packed up for camping.

Jill and Jayna found a camp spot and set everything up while dad was still at work.

 Jill made gourmet mac and cheese over the fire for Jayna to have for lunch.

Jayna loved playing at the Lake every afternoon.

 Jill loved lounging at the lake.

The girls in the tent.

 Ryan trying to fix the barbie fishing pole for Jayna

Jayna loves camping.

 Ryan roasting the corn for dinner.

 Silly camping family.

Hot dogs with Jdawg sauce of course.

Jayna leading us in camp song around the fire.

Jill made a cool glow in the dark lantern for Jayna to have at night.

Breakfast Burritos.

 Hanging out at camp.

Playing camp catch.

Jill made the catchers from milk jugs.

 A raccoon got our trail mix one night, but Ryan wrestled it back from him.

 We hiked Mt. Timp to go to the caves. It was a big hike and Jayna did great.

 Fun at the Lake.

Little mud monster.

Dirty camping face.

Swinging with cousin Brynn in the yoga swings.

Swinging with cousin Brynn in the yoga swings.

Softball game in Park City.

Jill helped a friend do the flowers for her daughters wedding.

They turned out great.

Summer Braids

Jayna got to go on the Sky Jumper at the water park

We got devastating news from our neighbors that the tree out front has to be taken down. We are so sad and will miss the shade, but know it is for the best.

 Jill made a bike car wash for Jayna to play with her friends in on hot days.

 Jayna loved it and so do others because it will be featured on a big blog in July that has requested for Jill to do a write up for them about it.

Jayna swinging on the tree. We will miss it.

 Jill and Jayna ordered and raised caterpillars into butterflies this month and then Jayna released them outside.
Jayna was so excited to hold one.

Ryan got off work early one day and we took Jayna to see the new movie Brave. She brought her money so that she could play a game before the move started.

Ryans parents came out again for a family funeral and while they were here we all went and played at a local family fun center.

We had a little cat visitor one night.